the mystical creatures

The Mystical Creatures


A unicorn is a creature with big strong wings and a magical horn.


Interestingly unicorns have snow like skin; with patterns on its thigh some unicorns have different colours other than white. They usually have flowing mane as it blows in the wind. Its horn is a spiral shape with lots of different colours and was ever it goes it leaves a lane of glitter. The wings are about 3 to 5 meters long to help it glide.


Unicorns like to sleep in forests or mountains. They sometimes at dusk, they come out and look for a place to hide from as we call it human beans. Unicorns sleep on high ground, it’s easy to tell were they’ve been because they leave magical Uni-dust. Uni-dust is very rare to find it can come in lots of different colors like rainbow.


Unicorns eat meat and candy, when they eat gummy, chocolate and liquorish also toffee. They will literally eat anything that’s candy. They also eat apples, carrots and fruits. Unicorns hate eating garlic and anything spicy they find it too hot. Unicorns like drinking milkshakes, milk basically anything sweet.


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