The Mystical Emporium

There are many places people rarely enter. The mystical

Emporium was like that.

Even though, the lights sparkled like diamonds the windows and the presents would be piled up the size of mountains. Even though, you could hear people bustling about. Even though, you could smell melted chocolate wafting through the cracks in the large wooden doors. No one ever entered. The doors were to heavy to open. But still no one ever entered that was until Belle.

Chapter 1 – Into the Emporium 

Belle had always been curious. Her parents had warned her to keep to herself. One cold miserable day in Winter, she was strolling down Marine Street when she noticed that the Emporium door was a jar . Belle looked around to make sure no one was there, then stepped inside.

Every where she looked there were things she wanted to touch and own. She looked up and saw a dozen pineapple yellow canaries chirping songs as sweet as sugar. A little snow globe fluttered as the snow inside fell. On one counter, a massive bowl of candy canes and other Christmas treats beckoned her over. As she stumbled, over she saw a display:Santa teddies that were as red as cherries; massive teddy bear as big as doors and Christmas movies lined up on shelves.  But what Belle was most interested in was a old leather book with golden letter on the gold counter that seemed to be alive as she flicked through the book she saw wonders and marvels then suddenly a voice came out of nowhere. ” I see you’ve found my book of amazements “, hissed a voice. Startled Belle snapped the book closed then look up at the owner of all this amazement. The owner was a woman with hazelnuts brown hair and blue eyes there was a gold and red macaw on her shoulder that shook her head at her disapprovingly.

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