The Night Emporium (remastered)

Some say it’s impossible to stay in the world of dreams. However, it is possible, you just have to have the belief. There are rooms most would say belong to fairy tales yet they are real. The Emporium lets its customers create rooms of wonder. It asks for no money yet you give it part of your mind.

Consider the chances to feel like swimming in the clearest lake or watch history its self but not on a screen. You wouldn’t even count the number of rooms although only a select few remember the Emporium.

Chapter 1

Sam was known for his curiosity, at the worst of times getting him into dangerous situations. This was one of them. It was a dreadful Wednesday, the hail and rain pounded on buildings. Dawdling through the streets of Aberdeen, Sam felt the icy rain slither down the inside of his raincoat.
Turning down a cobbled side street he noticed one light shining in the gloom, Sam sped up to the charred doorstep of the old building, Plates of ornate designs stood leaning against the damp window, he gingerly nudged the unlocked door, it creaked open. Sam stepped in.
Toys moved like their real life counterparts; books made from the finest leather and silk looked like they were begging to be read, Sam ducked as model aircrafts flew past his head. A small fleet of dreadnoughts were in a lake filled with salt water and sea life. Emotions rushing throughout his mind “How come these items are here in dreadful Aberdeen?” he asked himself loudly
“Its because we came here.” a gravely voice muttered beside him.
Confused, Sam jumped back in fright, he slammed his back into a shelf filled with priceless pottery which toppled onto the birch floor, yet the pots did not smash. He pulled himself up. Instantly he noticed a book on an oak stand, titled “The Book of Creation”. As he reached for the book, a hand whipped his left leg.

“I see your mind has fooled you into grabbing my Book of Creation!” a voice mocked in accent Sam never heard. “I should have placed this treasure somewhere safer” the strange young man muttered as he rushed to another room, the book tucked safely under his arm.
Sam, stared after the man in amazement, “who was that?” he questioned, confused.

3 Responses to “The Night Emporium (remastered)”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, there is a lot of amazing discription.
    Maybe can you add a commer after I should have put this treasure..” example: “I should have..,”.
    Maybe make it a bit shorter. To add more suspence.

  2. well done Archie this is very descriptive and well structured although maybe a tiny more speech and a cliff hangar at the end of the chapter to make the reader rearing to read the next even though it might not be out but well done.from Antony

  3. WHY DID YOU KEEP IT ON A CLIFF HANGER WHY!!!!!!but it was good.

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