The Ocean Unicorn

 The Ocean unicorn is a very rare type of unicorn, although sadly it is on the way to extinction. Unfortunately not a lot is known about this species of unicorn. Amazingly this unicorn has emerald green seaweed growing up it’s beautiful fur, which is used to camouflage itself in the sea . They have crystal blue fur that shimmers in the sun. This peculiar creature has wings that look like the waves from the sea are stuck on them. Additionally they have beautiful pearl eyes, and seashells for ears with glamorous patterns laid on. Do you think you will be confident enough to be able to recognise one if you saw it?

Their habitat may be easy to find, but they are excellent at hiding because they have good reflexes enabling them to quickly dive into the sea. They live at abandoned and secret beaches, or you might get a glimpse of this majestic creature scuba diving, as when they feel in threat they dive down to the bottom of the sea. Sometimes, you can find them hiding in big clusters of coral. But when the winter comes they start to hibernate – they turn into a fish – and find a safe place to stay.

Ocean unicorn have a very complicated diet – they would do anything for food. Unlike most unicorns, they are omnivores who sometimes munch on crunchy coral, or you can even catch them eating salty seaweed, but the most surprising thing is that they eat small fish even though they have the ability to turn into one. Of course they drink the water although they would love a glass of lemonade.

Like most unicorns they all have powers; well this unicorn is not different instead of one amazing powers it has 5! The first two are very important: they are sand spraying out from the unicorn looking like bullets, and water spawns wherever it goes. The reason why this happens is because it can not survive without a beach habitat. The other three are not too important but can be helpful. Firstly, the Ocean unicorn can summon any fish back to life with no effort at all. Also at hibernation season they turn into a fish and go to the coral in the sea this isn’t to important as they don’t have to hibernate but most of them do. Although their beauty is dazzling they can turn you into a fish if you threaten it or even touch it.

The last sightings were in 1684 by a man who was obsessed with the sea – he stumbled across an abandoned beach – of course he went to investigate and saw the unicorn on a rock. He said that he found a trail of water and sand so followed it. But further on in the day he went missing, and the police came to see a camera and fish so this is a warning to be careful and don’t be so foolish.

Just remember if you ever see this endangered species of unicorn never touch it. If you are tempted by this amazing creature just get some seaweed to tempt it but remember to stay far away and remember what happened to the man and remember take pictures with caution or you will miss out on a once in a life time opportunity.

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