The Ocean Unicorn

Ocean Unicorns, that have a diamond coloured mane, are shy in their character but they love holidays.Have you seen or been near one before?



Frantically, they live in horrible dark, dusty, deep shipwrecks, that are in the bottom of the ocean. It is very rare for them to have company such as other unicorns because they are going extinct from scuba divers hunting them down. It can be very sad because most of the time you can find a kid by itself and you might think to yourself that’s what’s making them be so mad when they grow up, but scientist say it’s not that and no one knows what’s wrong with this mysterious creature 



  They might live in horrible places but they are very cheerful animals. If you ever do find them they’re mostly adults who do not like people so if a person approaches them they will become very aggressive. When they are little they’re very friendly and love all humans.Not one scientist knows why they become so aggressive when growing up. Happily, they fight anything that eats or kills something.



Interestingly, Ocean unicorns love to eat a bit of shark meat, shrimp and seaweed. Sometimes, after they’re done eating they go and swim with their friends. If you find and touch one of these unicorns something lucky will happen but there is a 16% chance that something unlucky will happen.Wish for what you want but just be careful.



The adults are quite mean but they are also a bit fancy with decorating. The kids like to be funny and play with others. When an adult is just with their family they are quite calm and fun.


Friends and fun

They make lots of fish friends overtime and they play games that they saw whilst watching SpongeBob and then they play with their friends and have a calendar to show when they are going to their friends house. Since, their parents care for them so much they get them a lot of toys because they also have good behaviour when it comes to their parents. Parents can be very strict sometimes. 

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