the ocean unicorn.

The ocean unicorn which is a rare type of flying horse is found near ocean island and its home planet to find out more of these beautiful creatures. During recent lockdown periods,these winged horses have become hunters for food and have travelled across the ocean and the other side of the earth.


To the delight of many citizens, the ocean unicorn has now been seen in its natural habitat taking advantage of so many unburied bodies people sleeping through their window however there is more to discover about this mysterious creature. 


Would you be able to see a ocean unicorn blending in with the sea in fact the ocean unicorn are very similar to the large majority of water in the ocean like most unicorns they have a long horn,


The body of a unicorn and great eyesight. However a few ocean unicorns have been spotted which have a light blue colour. This allows them to blend in with the ocean they have amazing sharp teeth made out of crystals and sharp jagged claws.


Many people think that the ocean unicorn can give unbelievable wishes but this has yet to be proved. If you think that one is existing in your local area it is probably best to have that a secret.


They like ocean unicorns you have obtained their trust. Remember though, these are mythical animals so do not try fly them as they resent such an intrusion lets keep these loving animals safe for future generations.

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