the pencil unicorn

The Pencil Unicorn


The Appearance 


The horn is a fluffy pencil with a pom pom on the end, the legs are writing pencils and the feet are made from rubbers. The mane is yellow pencil sharpenings and the tail is a pencil case. 




The pencil unicorn lives on a pencil mountain high above the city of Lincoln. On the mountain there is a waterfall which is made of pencils and rubbers. Because The pencil unicorn is rich, it lives in a tower that is like the Eiffel Tower. 




The pencil  unicorn draws  pictures that turn real after every hour. To earn his money the pencil unicorn draws pictures for builders and gets £1000 for every picture. This is why he is so rich.  If a picture is not sold, it grows into the building and sometimes the pencil unicorn uses this as a prank. 




The pencil unicorn eats wood and leaves and grass dirt .

 And drinks out of a trees sap.


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