The Phantom Unicorn

The Phantom Unicorn 

The Phantom Unicorn is one of the most unique and fascinating unicorns in the history of the universe. It is known for it’s ability to save lives when an unnatural death is about to occur. With a beautiful and angelic appearance, the Phantom Unicorn can appear in dreams, the spirit world and on earth. As it sends a vast mist before it descends to our world, it is rarely seen by mankind unless you are the person in peril danger or dying. 

It is like a ghost in appearance, with it’s translucent skin allowing you to see most of its bones. White, feathery wings, with an angelic feel, cover most of its back, which is thin and fragile. The horn is amazing ; it is transparent with marbled colours swirling around inside. To add to the colour, an array of vivid roses are positioned in front of its ears. The main colour of it’s elegant body is a cloudy grey, but it is surrounded by a pale blue glow. Sizes of these unicorns vary, but mainly they are the size of a small horse. 

These special creatures live in high clouds, occasionally landing on earth. When in this world, they like to sleep in dark woods beside ponds. One of the most intriguing features of this unicorn is the way that they can shift to different worlds. They manage to transfer between Earth, the spirit world  and the dream world. The majority choose to live in the dream and spirit world, but the minority do come down to earth. As well as that, there is a few islands that Phantom Unicorns migrate to when not in work. This includes : Pitcairn Island, Southern Namib and Northsentinel, all islands where there is not much mankind. Luckily, as they are ghosts, they do not feel extreme temperatures, which means they can live in Antarctica or scorching deserts. 

Strangely, they eat ashes on a daily bases, with white roses as a special treat. Even though they don’t need to drink much, they still gather to drink at the world’s few enchanted ponds. Contrary to popular belief, Phantom Unicorns definitely don’t eat blood – they are herbivores and are too good natured to eat other animals. Perhaps they eat more than that, but no more studies have been found that they consume other foods. 

Several people think that Phantom Unicorns are just amazing at hiding, however, these people are wrong. Amazingly, these wonderful beasts can actually become invisible, an adaptation that has developed over the years. When threatened or just to protect themselves, they conceal their whole body . But the most incredible thing about these Unicorns is there ability to save lives. When in danger of dying an unnatural death, if possible to rescue a person, a ghost unicorn will save there life. Whether this is catching them when falling of a cliff or stopping them drowning in the sea, a Phantom unicorn can be a hero. Furthermore, the healing powers stored in there band of roses can cure the most sic of people. In dreams, they visit to warn people of there fate. These unicorns send thoughts into minds that stop them from reaching there deaths. So that they cannot be detected, when operating like this, they. send out a thick layer of fog. 

In 2007, Xavier Maja claimed that one of these creatures saved his life. Xavier was at the beach swimming in the sea, when suddenly it became stormy. The waves roared and frantically chopped, so much that it was no longer safe to swim back to shore. Waves engulfed him, and he couldn’t get back up. Then, he says, it all went black. When he opened his eyes, he saw the most unbelievable thing he had ever seen in his life. A ghost – like unicorn’s gentle head was raising him out of the water. Soon, he found himself flying on its bony back, beside its huge feathery wings. He couldn’t see because a thick fog was everywhere around him. Xavier says he would not be alive if it were not for the Phantom Unicorn. 

Unfortunately, Phantom unicorns are hunted for the roses on their head because they have supernatural medicines and healing powers stored in them. This means that they are no longer found on Earth as much as they used to be, because they are worried that poachers will hunt them. Instead, they try to warn victims in their dreams instead of coming down and stopping incidents themselves. Almost all Phantom Unicorns live mostly in the spirit or dream world, where they can be safe from hunters. 

What would you do if you saw a Phantom Unicorn? Well, stay still and make no big gestures, for they may be warned off, and just be grateful as they are probably doing you a life saving favour. If in dreams, sit and listen to their wise words ; they may be telling you of your fate. These graceful and beguiling creatures, with super healing powers and the ability to save lives are an essential part of the Unicorn community. They are incredibly kind and honourable, as well as being very selfless – sometimes risking their lives for others.

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