The premier League football unicorn

Premier league football Unicorn

Have you ever seen one? For many years these mystical creatures have been well known for their skill. Some of them rapidly move upwards north. Find out more with these interesting paragraphs!


All of them live in England but 6 or 7 of them travel all around Europe to win some glorious silverware. Some may move down to lower grounds but the ones who are in Europe may get knocked out of their tournament. Some are around the middle of this beautiful league this is where the unicorns really only have 1 good unicorn the rest are quite average in their pack.


This wonderful creature will wear a leather top and some shorts. They do have some protection of shin pads and very, long socks. There is one defender of the pack who stops a ball going past them all. Some may sort their hair and tail to look very neat.


Surprisingly, the interestingly skilful creature likes to eats its own kind but if desperate it shall devour grass. If the creature is being attacked by its own kind they will defend and try and find a chance to attack at their opponents and retaliate. They have many ideas to defend and attack their prey.


This creature has a great skill set that can trick opponents. This maybe pace, tackling, shooting, physical, dribbling, agility or passing. Around the middle or near the bottom of the table the pack has 1 or 2 good players. Compared to the higher teams they have a good pack with good creatures to replace if one gets tired or injured.

Young Ones

Some of these young ones have a superior skill set and can get ‘’scouted’’ this is where a young Unicorn can get seen by a pack and they like his type on how he acts. If they’re very good they can contend to defeat other packs with other pack mates older than them. If these herbivores are seen quite late, they may only get scouted at the age of 16 to 23.

Life Span

These herbivores can have a life span of fifty years old if they live in the right places of England. Amazingly, they probably survive most in England as that has the most farmland and it also has a lot of rain and sun. They wouldn’t last as long in Spain as there is not much water and the beautiful creatures need to need to have quite a bit of thirst-quenchers.

Now try and go out and find these mystical herbivores but be careful they can be very powerful!

Try texting 01956 724603312344 if you find one because many aren’t seen.

©Josh Preston

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