The rainbow angel unicorn

The rainbow angel unicorn 


The rainbow angel unicorn is a one of a kind and it is very rare to find.Also,it is very special to ever exist.Is it real?



It lives in Australia in rocky places.Also it loves to go out in the southern part of Australia.Some live in the United kingdom and they like to go to sunny places.



It  has a rainbow body and an angel glowing halo,also it is the prettiest breed of a unicorn.Also it is massive and it weighs 300 pounds,it has a rainbow, golden mane and it has auric and flatware hooves.


Do you want to find out what they eat on a daily basis?

Monday,they eat a bunch of cereal.Tuesday,two large macs,two large fries and a whole bottle of coke.Wednesday, they eat broccoli, rice and carrot soup.Thursday a dozen of donuts,Friday fish and chips 


If you can see a rainbow angel unicorn you will be a millionaire. Also, they can be very dangerous because in two thousand and eight a rainbow angel unicorn rammed a person. If you get a photo with a rainbow angel unicorn please post it on social media.

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