The rainbow fire unicorn

The rainbow fire unicorn!!!


Did you know that rainbow unicorns are best friends with fire unicorns?

Read on to find out more and more facts about these special species and what they do in their life.


What rainbow fire unicorns were?


The rainbow fire unicorn has a fire and lava tail, an iridescent horn, rainbow mane and a fiery nose and eye.It loves to jump around everywhere and it loves swimming in the lovely cold and icy water.


What rainbow fire unicorns like to eat?


Fascinatingly, The rainbow fire unicorn likes to eat grass, flowers,berrys,chicken turkey and coal. It does not like cold food and if it has it stays frozen for seven whole days and melts a little every single day and on the seventh day he is back to normal.


How do they behave?


When rainbow fire unicorns see people they get all jumpy and excited and want to play a lot. But when it sees people trying to hurt it gets so scared and starts to attack that person who is hurting it. It is very friendly and kind. It loves playing ball and hide and seek but if people go on its back or touch it it will attack you and hurt you.


Where do they live?


Rainbow unicorns sleep on river banks and near fields near river bodies.

Fire unicorns live near hot and steamy areas such as volcanoes and lava.

But because they are mixed together they are a fire unicorn they live near half near water and half ash and lava. When they sleep they sleep in water and cool down for the next morning.


Well if you ever see a rainbow fire unicorn then dont hurt it because it won’t hurt you.

Do you dare to touch it?

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