The sea Unicorn

SEA UNICORN by William.

The sea Unicorn lives in the sea (obviously) and the Sea Unicorn has only been spotted twice but to this day no one has took photos.  This could be because of its ability to camouflage to any background. Additionally, it can turn into water which makes it invisible. 

Would you be able to spot a Sea Unicorn if you saw one? They are hard to detect because of the reasons above. However, they look like normal unicorn except they are blue – which helps them camouflage into water even if they don’t know that they’re being watched. 

The daily diet consists of sword fish, crab, fish and shark. Because they are blue, it is hard for their prey to see them. They swim quickly and are able to spear fish with their horn. 

As mentioned, they have only been seen by humans twice, and both times they were seen by scuba-divers while they were exploring shipwrecks. Shipwrecks are the main living area for Sea Unicorns.

If you are lucky enough to spot one of these amazing creatures, you need to remember to take a photo! Make sure you don’t approach them too closely though because they will attack.

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