The secret Emporium

Chapter 1- Through the door

Dexter had always been mischievous and his father had often warned him that it would get him into difficulty one sunny afternoon he was walking down ice lane when he notices something odd about the emporium .at last the door was open and without really thinking about it he stepped inside.


Everywhere he looked it was packed with wonders and things that he wanted to touch .leather books with spidery wringing. The tiny puppy’s that squired scurried and scampered around their crate. A kaleidoscope that beamed in the sun light as the colourful patterns appeared. A basket of parasols with frilly edges and talking animals heads on top.


Broad brimmed hats made of feathers and felt. Cups and plated decorated with hand painted flowers. Disturbing masks with grinning smiles. Huge dolls with wooden faces.


But what interested Dexter most all was an old leather bound book. As he turned the pages, scribbled in tiny writing which shoes a little boy playing football and when you turned it was a different picture that appeared.


“I see you’ve found the book of marvels.” Roared a voice. Dexter gasped, closed the book and looked up at the owner, He was an old man whose hair was as dark as a tree branch. On his shoulder sat a white barn owl. It shook its head disapprovingly

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