The Secret Emporium

The Secret Emporium 


Sometimes weird and wonderful things happen to towns, but this town had the most peculiar thing happen to this one. 

The shop that appeared out of nowhere had rusty old bricks like they had been there for thousands of years even though it had only appeared today, it had windows with swamp green moss all over them so nobody could see what was inside. But the most astonishing thing was the door, it had a massive keyhole which no key would ever be big enough to fit into it. Everyone in the crowd was trying to get a sneak peek at the inside of the emporium through the hole. 

Chapter 1  

Layla was quiet and she didn’t have many friends so instead of going to the park to play with everyone she went to her favorite place to relax, the woods. Early one morning she went to the woods like normal and saw a pile of dazzling green leaves. Layla moved the leaves out the way to reveal an old wooden door with a giant keyhole. Instead of being the scaredy cat she always is she decided to be brave and step through the door. 

Her heart was beating out of her chest when she realized she wasn’t supposed to be here. She looked around and saw things she only ever read about or saw on tv. There were ancient paintings that were probably worth a lot of money, mysterious teddy bears that moved when you got to close to them and bushes with sweet strawberries and blackberries growing on them. She looked over at the table in the corner and it had a plate of freshly baked donuts, so Layla decided to help herself to one. She picked one up and the plate disappeared in the blink of an eye. Up came a glittering book, it looked like someone had just pored a bottle of glitter on top of it! 

“How did you get in here.” Echoed a grumpy old man’s voice. Layla shrieked and trembled with fear as the man was getting closer. 

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