The Slime Unicorn

The Slime Unicorn, which is a quite rare variety of unicorn, is commonly found around laboratories. Everyday at 10pm to 12am, unicornologists gather around labs and are then  let in by scientists to observe these marvellous creatures. During the lockdown, despite the scientists being around to socialise with, these friendly little things have become quite sad and lonely.

Would you be able to recognise a Slime Unicorn if you saw one? Unlike most unicorns, they don’t have many obvious features, they tend to be a plain pink with beady black eyes, but that is not the only form you see them in. They have some quite anomalous abilities, ranging from mimicking voices and structure to solidifying their bodies into a hard clay-like material. Some of them however, can be the complete opposite of what they should normally be like, some Slime Unicorns are rebels and deviants, you can tell the bad from the good as the rebels are normally a ugly green colour with a misbehaving child-like personality.

Slime Unicorns need to be close to laboratories as they find comfort and safety in test-tubes and experimental beakers, they also proceed to nest in them and multiply which creates their young. The young ones are quite similar to the adult ones, but they do not come into existence with legs, they slide around with their snail undersides before growing them after 24 hours. Adult Slime Unicorns do not need any kind of substance to function properly, their young however do dissolve some little bits of material as food, but just like all animal do, These little friends do need some sort of fluid to survive, they drink things such as liquid Mercury, Gallium and Indium which is another reason why you will find them around labs.

These little guys are really friendly! (they are most friendly species of Unicorn), but they only become aggressive when harm is done to them or their kin, be carful when angering a one of these creatures as they will inflate to a bigger size and solidify a body-part to use as a weapon, despite their defence mechanism being really dangerous, they are still hunted by witch doctors in hopes that they can use the special abilities for medicine.

If you know of a lab near your area, it’s probably best if you don’t tell any of your “sick in the head” friends, Let’s keep these creatures safe!


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