The snow unicorn

                                                    THE SNOW UNICORN


                                       The snow unicorn is really strong, stronger than the hulk!                   



                                          He eats freezing cold ice.The snow unicorn can not die

                                          He also breaths out snow and has ice wings.Have you

                                          Seen a snow unicorn? The snow unicorn lives in icy 

                                          Mountains and his back is made of ice and snow.Amazingly,

                                       He also travels to cold places of europe.



                                       If you see a muddy puddle a snow unicorn will magically 

                                      Grow out of it .He can spit snow and make an ice bridge.

                                     He eats snow and ice. Amazingly, The cold doesn’t matter to

                                     a snow unicorn because his mouth is made of ice.He melts

                                    In the  sun, and that’s why he lives in cold places.The snow 

                                    Unicorn is very cheeky and shy.


                                    The snow unicorn doesn’t like humans so stay away from

                                    Him! The snow unicorn has got ice wings that helps him fly.

                                   The snow unicorn is dangerous, he can freeze you.   

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  1. Oliver grange park primary,How did you get those ideas?

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