The Storm Unicorn

and keeps them going until he goes sleep in midday. They are very sneaky and slick around they predators because if they don’t they might die. They know about

-10 degrees it can eat up to -30 degrees when it is very hungry. It chases animals that live in cold countries. It eats dark gloomy clouds in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. It drinks cold rain when the storm starts and then keeps going until it stops. Once it ends he goes with his sharp, dangerous claws at the old trees some undiscovered places in Kansas like logos and powinious. They are places that have

heavy storms and continuous storms. Not that many people live they because the storm unicorn always delivers storms. It is very dangerous because floods happen and people have to evacuate.


Have you ever seen this creature? It is one of the rarest creature ever in world history. If you want to know about this amazing, secret creature carry on reading. This is the most interesting breed of them all.


This storm unicorn lives in the centre of Kansas. They are responsible for 90 percent of the storms. They are not liked because they bring dull to the hole of the state. Weirdly they have not been seen by anyone, they use there camouflage to hide from the people because if they don’t they might get killed.


This Storm unicorn eats melted ice that is below and slowly cuts them down.


Surprisingly this amazing unicorn can breathe in clouds and spit out lightning very fast that you cant  even  blink. They sharp claws struck like thunder every time they use them.


If you want to see this fantastic creature search round the hole of Kansas. If you see one don’t worry just stay calm. Approach this creature cautiously or you will be attacked.

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