The transformable Ocean Unicorn


If you are interested in unicorns or ever thought about ocean unicorns this is the text for you.This unicorn can transform.It is a staggering creature mythical creature or not.It has some incredible  facts and powers.have you ever seen one?



This unbelievable living thing lives in any cold ocean. Maybe it could live in Russia where it was once seen.Also seen once in Antarctica by a group of scientists.The scientists figured out that it can transform to the arctic unicorn that’s  why it was maybe found in n?This is why it is so faster for skiing and swimming.Also that is probably why it likes the cold.



After a few,tests the Ocean Unicorn has a beautiful,frozen and sparkling crown with little golden parts.The spiral aqua blue horn is bewildering.Its fluffy,soft mane is freezing,which helps the creature,to stay in the right temperature.Which is under 0 degree. The wonderful creature has huge,happy,hopping and hilarious hooves. Some people inspired about unicorns so they paint pretty painting about them.Also the horn emerges from its attractive,miniature and smooth face.Their elegant,blue light wings are magical to fly or skie.Not only,does the Ocean Unicorn have every mixture of blue but has light blue eyes.this animal is known to have the most blue on it.



This unicorn is a picky eater for its  food choices.It likes the ice cream that falls from the ice trees and as beverages it likes salty sea water.For lunch and dinner it mostly munches on frozen fish or coral.


The first unicorn was seen in 1763 and second in 2008.Usually the Ocean Unicorn is found in peculiar places.It is very sparse, moreover never known before scientists think this creature is one of the most powerful unicorn.It is more rapid and mighty than its twin the fire unicorn.


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