The Unentered Shop

There are some places not to ventured in to. The Unentered shop was like that.

Despite all the stuff in there the the chandelier made of pure diamonds as well as the golden butterfly sculpture watching your every step but then there’s  the marble floor it’s like the Queen lives there finally the mirror like portal on the wall it looks like it’s ready to be used by you.Every time you glimpse at the shop everything changes places in a click of a finger it never comes back to the same places. But no one dared to enter except for Jesse .Jesse was a brave coning and daring boy who was lonely his mother said get some friends but he never listened.One earlier morning he was walking to school when he saw the Unentered shop was doors where wide open . Without having to think he dashed through the deep, dark blue door.Every where he look he saw out standing design but what interested Jesse most was the book of life and death.

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