the unicorn

The unicorns


A unicorn is a horse with a horn and wings.


Unicorns have white fur, neon tail and green eyes also they have giant wings that are any colour. They normally have gold or rainbow horns that shine and they are the shape of a horse, they have short tails that glow any colour.


The unicorns live in the clouds so they can’t be seen up there. They don’t like to come out because they like the dark also they sleep in the day and they come out at night because they are shy. unicorns sleep on fresh grass under trees.


Most unicorns eat fresh grass for their mane food source but they love apples and carrots also they strawberry’s. unicorns like to drink from pools and baths. Unfortunately, they don’t like to eat cucumber because the seeds that are in it. They like oak leaves.


When unicorns are sad they cry glitter.


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