The wish unicorn

The wish unicorn



There are many unicorns in the UK but this phenomenal creature is by far the most impressive. Hence their nickname- The Angles of Above. Read on to find out more about this majestic animal



The adult wish unicorn has an outstanding silky lilac mane, the contrast between the white coat and their hair is wonderful.The younglings are the exact opposite of the adults with a lilac coat and a white mane.The senterpiece by far is their twisted horn that lays on their forehead.This horn is so tough it can cut through anything but gold. Did you know the leaders have two horns and have only been sighted once.



The wish unicorn’s favorite treat is the candyfloss like clouds above us, this is why most of them have been sighted with their wings outstretched ready to fly off a cloud. Under no circumstances will these marvellous animals eat meat or if they do there will be serious repercussions for them. This is why they stick to greenery.



This astonishing unicorn likes to live in remote natural habitats such as hidden lakes and wishing wells. Surprisingly they live with their close relatives to the devil unicorns [ the cheekiest silliest unicorn to step in Europe.



The wish unicorn can ONLY grant wishes to those with the purest heart.

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  1. I love the way that you put only grant wishes to those with the purest harts

  2. I really like it but when you wrote a rhetorical question at the end of paragraph two it doesn’t have a question mark so you need to put question marks at the end of rhetorical questions!

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