The wonderful winter pegasus

The Wonderful Winter Pegasus


This elegant unicorn is one of the most endangered species of unicorn (with only 2 surviving).However,93% of its population either died out or in captivity in the ancient castles;with their awesome capabilities making them a huge lottery ticket for anyone.Have you ever seen this miraculous creature.




These ice-cold mammals have unique but extremely bizarre appearances.The minority have:frost-covered mains;a spiral-like candy cane horn;frigid pupils and a furry-like body that keeps them warm while sleeping in the coldest islands of the world.




Interestingly,the majority of winter unicorns can be found in the mostly inhospitable  lakes in nuuk (Canada).In 1758,George Washington visited the place and saw most of the unicorns hunting.

Contrary to popular belief, they did not try to hunt him down for food even though he did look delicious to the starving unicorns.


93% of the population live in the deepest parts of the glacial lakes  and never go back up.



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