This Unicorn

Cautiously, the shadow unicorn lurks in its dark cave only to be seen at the dust of morning and the crest of the afternoon, as it stares into infinity beaming with its purple galaxy eyes (if you look closely and long enough you can see your future). With long scaly wings as dark as platinum. Having hooves as quite as every drop of rain pattering on the floor. To humans the dragon is classified as a giant bird and gets mistaken for imagination.

The stealthy Pegasus, which lays in restless form leaving its bright gradient wings in calmness on top of its home the great Grand Canyon.

The loopy, dopy, mopsy unicorn try’s to stare at one place at a time living in the clouds it hops along, like a joyful rabbit that just had a load of carrots, which are very unhealthy for rabbits, in excitement it accidently falls of the cloud.

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