The nature unicorn is a rare type of unicorn. We don’t know much, but we know a few facts. Read this to find out more about of the unicorn.


Amazingly,the natural unicorn has smooth green fur. The unicorns are most known for their bright flower horn that shines in the yellow sun. She has blue rain drops in her eyes it is as cool as ice, the flowers in her hair make it shine in the moonlight.


The natural unicorn drinks water from the closest magic river, she eats magic coconuts on a magic palm tree and also eats magic leaves. She likes to squeeze fruit for juice.


This great unicorn is hidden in the garden palace to keep the unicorns safe and keep nature safe too. They love to go invisible in safe plants in nearby gardens all over the world.


The nature unicorn loves to do fun gardening. She loves to stop bushfires, unlike the fire unicorn. She can make every piece of nature bloom out of the ground and makes it look brand new. She can make rainbows bright and colourful.


But beware if you make their anger grow you will be tied up in bad ivy. But amazly if you say sorry you will be granted a great wish.

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