Air unicorn

 Air unicorn

There are many unicorns around the world but there is a very special one known as the air unicorn.


The air unicorn is the most powerful unicorn in the world. Interestingly air unicorns has an arrow on its  head. The air unicorn has white 

hair, and has powers in its horn fire, water , air and fire.s


Amazingly this air unicorn live’s in the northern air temple were god unicorn’s lived. Did you know that air unicorns stopped the war. Air unicorns have tremendous, a air mane.This amazing creature likes eating meat, grass and sometimes bad guys but he does not like eating trolls . Unfortunately people have been hunting air unicorns but have not  been caught

Curiously this amazing creature has a funny behavior.The air unicorns love water unicorns almost all the air unicorns have a water unicorn. Water unicorns have water hair scarlet sacals  and  a lovely mane . the air unicorns love going on 


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