Car Unicorn

Car unicorn Darlington the car unicorn which is a driving unicorn is found on the A1 m unicornoligists  gather to try and spot him during recent lockdown periods the car unicorn has become more shy to the delight of many citizens the car unicorn has been spotted at midnight however night vision goggles needed

Would you be able to recognise a car unicorn if you saw one like most winged horses it has a horn and a long tail and brilliant eye sight the main feature of this 8s fantastic creature is its Lamborghini red and super speed they have the ability to go fast fly and race amazingly it can hit its head and it will not hurt this is why they don’t wear a helmet up close you can see their red eyes and white horn and a moustache generally they are a Lamborghini red colour and often get mistaken for super cars which they use it al the time even faster than light speed

Many people believe that the car unicorn can bang its head  and it will not hurt if you believe that one is living in the local area it is probably best to stay in safe             Distance they enjoy being fed pizza if you have gained their trust remember though these are wild creatures So do not try to pet them lets keep these super fast creatures safe for generations

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