Chapter 1

Harry always believed everything he heard. He was a bit of a wimp sometimes and got frightened really easily. One day when he was on his way home from school, he and his friends decided to play truth or dare when one of them dared Harry to go through the mysterious door leading to the shop at the end of the street. At first Harry thought they were joking but it turns out they weren’t. Harry gulped.

Everywhere he looked was filled with different, magical objects that seemed to change every time a pair of eyes glared at them. The shop seemed mysteriously strange to Harry and it probably would to anyone else who entered. He wanted to touch everything. He saw a veteran, dusty bookshelf with tons of rusty, antique books on it. The first thing that seemed odd to him was the door. The haunted, silhouetted door that creaked echoingly every two seconds. The varnished, intricately designed mirror also caught his eye straight away, mainly because it was tilted, almost horizontally, yet it still stood perfectly fine and still shimmered and shined beautifully. But what amazed Harry the most, was the clear, glass tub, full of stacks of expensive, magical, luxurious jewellery. He gazed at it for at least five minutes with a huge, bright smile on his face.

“I see you’ve found the Queen’s jewels,” said a croaky, deep voice. Harry froze. He turned around to see an old wrinkly man, who Harry thought was the owner of the shop.

“Th-th-the Queen’s jewels did you just say?” said Harry shocked.

“I did indeed,” replied the old man, “But she didn’t give them to me…”

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