chapter 1

Everywhere he looked he wanted to have to hold. Bulky, antique clocks glimmered in the light. Haunted, lifeless dolls stared at him menacingly while holding her kid. A lavish, iron statue guarded the entrance with his life! All of these where alright but they didn’t really grab his attention apart from the box. Bob didn’t know what it was no one did. You could see the glimmering light shining through the box. Bob was delighted. He climbed up the ladder, grabbed the box and opened it. JEWLES! He would be rich! They looked priceless. The luxurious, enchanted jewels lit up the room. Bob looked down and he was terrified. He started t shake then the ladder started to shake then…CRASH!!!

“What was that!?” a mysterious man shouted.

Bob got up and started to run out the but but then he tripped. Did I also mention that Bob was very clumsy? He was stuck

” I see you found my special box,” said a man.

“Who are you?!” Bob asked.

“I’m no one,” he said as he started to laugh.

a man appeared from the shadows…



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