Chapter One

Madison was always daydreaming. She’d daydream for hours twiddling her hair dreaming about Mc Donald’s. She was walking a thought about chicken nuggets. Madison ended up mysterious, odd shop.

Everywhere Madison looked she wanted to have everything to treasure for ever. Although she couldn’t keep these. Without a doubt she dreamt about having them. There were antique, coiled bars of the lifeless, appalling cages. There were lantern shape, dead lamps stood in the middle of the room. There were magical, priceless books stood on the countertop. The one thing Madison wanted to take was a garnet- jewelled, uncontrollable sword. Dreaming of just holding that sword by it’s self which kills anyone or anything in it’s way; which made her feel unstoppable.

” I see you’ve found the sword,” hissed a haunty voice. Madison caught a breath before putting the sword down. The voice was an old sinister man. “Continue holding it,” he said quietly.

There was a flash of light…

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