Choclate eclair unicorn

Chocolate eclair unicorns


The chocolate eclair unicorn is a magnificent type of unicorn. Would you like to see one? Would you want to befriend one of these cream sweet creatures? Read on to find out about these shy mysterious creatures.




Chocolate eclair unicorns ,which are very social creatures , live in the lush,verdant rolling hills of Africa. This habitat is found deep in the Congo rainforest. Since the rainforest is abundant with tropical,juicy fruit, they have adapted to have five stomachs to digest food quickly. Additionally,migrate to Alaska across the Atlantic ocean to the tundra. This is because their wings are made of rich, swiss chocolate and in the scorching summer of the Congo they start to melt so they go to Alaska for the summer and return in August.




The chocolate eclair unicorn looks very unusual compared to other unicorns. It has long thick wings made of bubbly milk chocolate which have beautiful, majestic patterns engraved in them.Their fur is a pale,velvety cream colour and is soft to the touch. Their eyes are rich brown and sparkle in the Congo sun while they shine in the Alaskan snow. Their manes are like cotton candy . They are made of sweet,thick cream which can be as big as their heads. Their hooves are as tough as stone and are covered in a layer of dark chocolate. Amazingly, the foals’ coat can change colour depending on where it is for camouflage. This is why they sell for millions.




Surprisingly, chocolate eclair unicorns have a very varied and healthy diet. To start the day,the majority of the unicorns will have a helping of grass before feeding their foals milk for five minutes. The other unicorns will be courageous and eat apples,leaves and ferns instead so they have more energy for playing. For a snack,they have blackberries or strawberries. Sometimes ,they will stomp on the berries to make a smoothie which they will drink.For lunch, they love a drink of water as well as leaves,jackfruit and palm tree bark which can all be found on the Congo coast. This is very nutritious which means some chocolate eclair unicorns can live to five hundred years.




Chocolate eclair unicorns are very shy however are always happy and love having fun. They have a few hobbies which they will regularly do. Firstly, they often make collections of exotic fruit ranging from oranges to mangos. Not only is this fun for them to do it,it makes a good snack when migrating to Alaska. They will store the fruit in their tails and fly off to Alaska. The unicorns with the biggest tails will often have more fruit.The next hobby is galloping and jumping around fields playing tag. This activity is more common with foals however adults on some occasions will play. Finally,they love snuggling with one another. At six o clock , they will rub each other and settle down for the night.




The chocolate eclair unicorn is quite shy. If you manage to find one, keep it to yourself and don’t share this information with other people. The first sighting  of a chocolate eclair unicorn was in 2014 and they have been thriving since then.

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