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Cloud Unicorn

Come and see the magical tear of the cloud unicorn. Most of these unicorns can heal you with

their tears. However, it can camoflash really easily, it’s legendary. On the other hand, did you

know that narwhals were related to unicorns because of the horn that they have


This unicorn is pure white in how it looks mane up to hooves. Furthermore, they horn have tiny

sparkling clouds on their horns. Generally, the horns have thick spirals around the horn but

babys have smoother horns. Surprisingly, they have enormous clouds come out of there

hooves. Interestingly there is a silver cloud on the right cheek that can make anyone that’s hurt

heal including itself.


Amazingly, it lives in a place called cloudopia in a silva palace. Since clouds are made of water

the cloud unicorn is related to some of the unicorns. Its related to the water unicorn and

sometimes lives in shallow ends of a lake and the Ice unicorn. Unusually, they live in the dark



Generally, they eat cloudfood, seaweed, icicles and water. However, they might eat coconut milk

and juice fruits. Many of these foods are very common where they live like cloudfood. Most of

the water is cloud water. It’s much sweeter than normal water. Although Lots of stuff are

rare like coconut milk.


Weirdly, cloud unicorns love to go swim in clouds and water. On the other hand, they love to make tiny

clouds in the palace. Even love to play cloud games like cloud skipping. You couldn’t believe how cute

they are when they make clouds come out of their tale. Could you?


Are you bad well good luck because if you are bad these unicorns can sense it. They will hurt you and nearly die with their horns.

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