Dark macig evil unicorn

The Dark Magic Unicorn 

 The Dark Magic unicorn is magical. supriseingly,  It has telleport powers. It can fly. It eats

dinosuars and other animaiols. It has a collectoin of all the food in the world. 


Have you ever seen  the Dark Magic Union?

It has a white  lighting strike on its back, fiery red wings and it has black and red fur and hair.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Amazingly, it can step on lava without burning itself to death.

Shockingly it only comes out in really bad thunderstorms and heaviest rain and strong winds and  clouds

really dark and tornadoes. 


Do you know a unicorn’s habitat?


Dark magical unicons can only be found in volcanoes and hell. Amazingly it only comes out of hell and the volcano when the lighting is really bad and the rian really hevay and gusty winds. Amazingly in the great fire of london lots of dark magic unicorns were there.    When  there is a lighting storm at 6PM BST 11AM EST They kill everone.   


                                                          Evil Food 

Dark Magical Unicorns drink lava and eat fireballs and every animals aned even dinosuars.

Amazingly they eat human food to. They like to eat their food on the hottest part of the volcano which is 1000000 degrees. 


                                                       How do dark magical Unicorns Act like Nice Or Mean?    


    Dark Magic Evil Unicorns are nice to humans. Dark magical unicorns give every human 10000000000 qilllon Dollars when they come to erath.  They kill all the unicorns

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