devilo unicorns by hollie



Have you ever seen MEEEEE?


Devil unicorns are really hard to spot because whenever you spot one they 

disappear in the shadows so you have to be quick or you may not have a pick 

Read on if you dare.


Devils unis famous time


Devil unicorns are famous for theri collection because they collect bad dreams

Because they are a bad dream collector that means they get rid of terra dreams 


Invisible seance

Devil unicorns live on top of shamrock trees deep in the forest on top of 

anormorsse hill trees a lot of trees also  with never ending  yummy rich apples. 

Forevermore thesi scromshios apples are magic they change to the color that

You like.


Ring ring food time

Unicorns  food is totally different from us because  devil unicorns like burnt 

cookies and poison cack and everything POISON so NEVER feed them not

 poison if you dare


Devil unicorns beaver

If you ever meet a devil unicorn please don’t run away because they are your

 Gardeaan because they always have a good side  to them so if you ever see one 

bow down and beg for it care

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