Fire Unicorn by Dash

Who is responsible for the stars

Wears the fashion show 


The Fire unicorn is the last of it kind and it is very dangerous if you get near in addition If you want to know what it looks like it is bright ruby red with  a fire aura  it is distinguished because it has a slight fire shape on his top right big tooth also were ever the walk slight fires start in the ground.


Where am I

The Fire Unicorn’s address 17 Fir-Sin road.(a burning heep of fire) it is specific because there is only one left in every multiverse! If you ever bump into one (very unlikely)you’ve probably set of on the wrong tracks because it live in fire literally.Usualley it is strict but quite nice if you get know him. 


I’m hungry

The fire shank stars for breakfast but sometimes it runs out and eats nibbles of gigantic stars unlike the sun which is small compared to the stars he eats.But on special days he eats devil meat and fruit also drinks devil fire.


Flame behavior 

The fire unicorns are strict but kind but not as you would `call social.If you met one you would’nt really get it until you get to know.   Dash


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