Fire Unicorn by Maryam

The Fire Unicorn

Have you ever seen a fire unicorn? Fascinatingly, their enemies are dragons! 


Have you seen me?

 I have excellent eyesight. It is common for them to make it shower of tiny, hot splinters. They have rubey hair, rainbow horn and scarlet wings.

Amazingly, they have a special birthmark which looks like a snake crawling up their hooves.


Do you know where my habitat is?

They live in cloud houses in lava. Surprisingly, they are shy to be seen from other animals and humans. They sleep a lot. Interestingly, the cloud house is scorching hot because there’s this place in the lava that has fire wind and the fire wind isn’t cold instead it’s hot and fire unicorns like hot places.


Do you know what my favorite food is?

Fire Unicorns eat apples, salmon, red fish and rarberrys; they drink fresh water from the river they eat and drink the same food every day. Some fire unicorns eat food that’s made of lava. And they drink lava.


What do you expect from me?

Fire Unicorns are very kind and they like to save the day. But some fire unicorns are evil and they like to destroy houses. Amazingly, some fire unicorns can see in the dark and fire unicorns likes to see the sun going up before animals or humans see them or else if they see the fire unicorns the unicorn will be very angry and it will run away forever and go to a place where know one can survive except fire unicorns.

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