Forest Unicorn by cosmo

The Forest Unicorn


Have you seen a Forest Unicorn?


This gentle giant lives in the forest and as teeth like emeralds, rumours have been going round that they are going to be extinct.


Look at my style


Forest Unicorns have vines flowing from their jaws, they also are  12  hands tall.To  identify them you need to know  they  are  dark  green with aqua shiny  blue  spots on their body.These majestical creatures are known for their  3  bushy tails which are barley.It is common that they have flowers in their mane for a female and flowers on their hooves for a male.Forest Unicorns are only seen by humans when they are 500years old.


My little house


A forest Unicorn lives with her younglings and wife in bushes.If you dig down enough you will find borrows of them.Because they usually have whole kingdoms and towns.Family members will go out together and hunt for noko berries,emotion gems and saplings.But because farmers need more spaceTheir homes are getting burned and destroyed.


What’s on the menu


The majestical creatures snack on noko berries,emotional gems and sushi made by the sukkahra Unicorn.So when you find one do be careful and I am telling you reader bring noko berries or you will get two trees jabbed into you.Oh and only one more thing to say, they can bring children up so when you look at your dna you might be part forest Unicorn.

Some forest Unicorns go alone and bring back a load of fruit,gems and pears for their town underground.


My ferocious feelings


Forest Unicorns are very protective and will only bond with a human if they are calm and gentle. When they are kids they can’t use their powers so adults will have to protect them.If a forest Unicorn is sad it will only rain were the Unicorns.


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