Hot chocolate unicorn

Introduction and looks.

The hot chocolate unicorn is a very legendary creature and there are barely  any around.This creature has rich brown fur as soft as a pillow.she has silky light brown hair like a new Leather coat.The wings of this unicorn are soft and they look like they just came out of a wash.


The hot chocolate unicorn has a very calm personality and does not get angry a lot.Normally they only get mad if someone takes the hot chocolate powder or if someone takes it without asking.Would you ever think to take the lovely mouthwatering hot chocolate powder to make a amazing hot chocolate.


One of the abilities is that she can hear the quietest thing from a mile away,think it is like your hearing when someone is 4m away from you and shouting.This creature eats  hot chocolate powder For a living and that is one of its powers because it never gets bored of it and she never gets fat.


This unicorn lives in a shop and it moves and does not stay in one place.It moves about every winter and goes to a hot country because it is easier for food to get to the food shop she is in.



This creature eats hot chocolate and the powder for it and it will eat any type of dark chocolate white chocolate but it’s your favourite is dark  chocolate.

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