Ocean unicorn

Introduction and looks
This magical creature is an Ocean Unicorn. It has a sea foam green main that glitters in the light. Many people go looking in the ocean for these magnificent wonders so they can take pictures to show. But what they don’t know is that the Ocean Unicorn is not able to be shown in pictures. It’s hooves have gills on it for being able to swim in the beautiful ocean. This creature is immortal.
This unicorn is very shy and only seen much when hunting. Living in the ocean means that it can blend into a lot of corals in the ocean. Many nights you can find this creature hunting. Many fish run from this carnivore. It loves to play as they are great at hiding. All of the Ocean unicorn’s energy builds up in its body and shoots out its tail so it can swim fast.
This beauty is an amazing creature. It can dance and when they do big bubbles and sparkles appear everywhere. These creatures are able to fly, their wings are hidden in their skin and they sprout out turquoise. They are the best at catching their prey as they are quick moving as they love hunting.
The habitat where this unicorn lives is in an underwater palace. It’s surrounded by colourful coral. Thousands of fish swim by this magical place.

The main food it eats is fish. It’s favourite fish is tuna. When it chases the tuna the tuna loses.

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