Onyx’s Discovery

 The Unfortunate events of Onyx Astrid – Prologue 

Somewhere in a great, colossal land, a mystical island lies in-between the black sea, the island was named Ahtohallan. Ahtohallan will seek you and will reveal the secrets of the past, but do not go too far or you will be drowned, or so the old sayings suggested. 

As the time went by no one believed in the island and no one ever dared to go anyways, well everyone but Onyx. 


           Chapter 1 – Onyx’s discovery 

An important thing to know about Onyx is that she was always determined and curious about everything. Many people told her to be cautious because it could become a dangerous trait. One still Spring Day Onyx decided out of boredom she was going to read a book, not a book of adventure, Fairies, or princesses. She was going to read an incredibly old book her Great Grandpa had owned in the past.  


After reaching the book on the bookshelf above and reading the book she had gotten adventurous ideas. She wanted to know if Ahtohallan was real. After trying to research about it she had found nothing and presumed it was a myth. Time passed by and she soon became bored again so she wandered around the forest confidently and she soon  enough she found something. 


Suddenly she stopped walking and just stared at her discovery, she had found an ancient door with old bricks surrounding it with a golden handle, shaped like some sort of a Greek symbol. she built up the courage to open the door and it slowly creaked open and stepped into the door and suddenly her body had frozen. The door had led to an ancient Greek place, Onyx had looked around and seen a sign saying what year it was, the year was 109 BC. Again, she was confused but also intrigued about where she was but did not question it. She was in an ancient Greek robe/ dress held up by a golden ribbon. Then she discovered a statue with a piece of paper, and it said-.

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