Rainbow Unicorns by Keira

Have you ever heard of a rainbow unicorn? Amazingly, their favourite hobby is to collect varieties of fresh fatasilcal fruit and hide in the sapphire sea during the day and come out in the sunset.  


Unicorn Fashion!

You know if you see one because, surprisingly, they have a body of a horse, fantastically they have a multicoloured mane, cute colored wings, holographic hooves and sparkling eyes gleaming in the sun. 


My secret Habitat Hideout 

Rainbow unicorns can only seeked in the Caribbean islands with the scorching sun. They like to be alone during the dawn sunset scene, after sundown they like to have their evening swim in the calm seas. Interestingly, they live in an undersea tunnel leading to their secret landscape with a little maze to fly through, as they glide around the maze of wisdom it heads into the undersea landscape. 


My diet 

Topical unicorns eat magical, sweet and rainbow fruits like mangos, strawberries, cashews, kiwi, bananas, raspberries and blackberries. They like to get them from the bushes and trees. Let me tell you their favourite fruit is ….pineapples. 


What Do You Expect from me?

Rainbow unicorns are usually friendly to other creatures, So it’s likely that when you come near one they would be very friendly to you. If kids are sad the unicorn will bring you a rainbow lollipop or a heart shaped balloon.

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