School unicorn – Evan Gospel Oak school

The school Unicorn


Commonly the tiny school unicorn is an aggressive little fellow who hates to be manhandled. It is really rare. also they communicate by blinking. They write using hair and earwax.                                                               


The school unicorn is the size of an and has 300 eyes to look at every pupil in the class and what they’re doing . It is blood red and normally camouflages itself as a piece of hair. It has a black horn on its forehead that is twice the size of his body and it has a green mane. Which it drinks the blood from.

Its eyes are yellow and its pupils look like cat’s. It nose it a orange color and is the shape of a hexagon


Did you know that the school unicorn lives in the teacher’s hair and when there are no teachers around he goes into the book corner and reads his favorite book harry potter and the teachers stone. We know this because Harry Potter and the teachers’ stone is always open. and it is always the same book.The school unicorn loves to live in the cold. If he has any heat on him he will destroy anything in his sight.They usually destroy any technology thing like the whiteboard or the tops or even the teachers computer.


Amazingly the the school unicorn can suck blood faster than a man drinking a cup of water it drinks up to 

A cup every year. it eats the tiny little bits of earwax it also eats miniature bugs that live in your eyebrows.       

Fascinatingly the school unicorn eats bits of pollen flying around in the air when there is no pollen they 

eat tiny crumbs on the floor when all the children have gone out for play.They also drink tiny bits of sweat 

In your hair.for a treat if there are any bits of sleep in the teachers eye it feeds on that.



Fascinately when the School unicorn unicorn plays all the other school unicorns come to play at the 

same time.Huge numbers of schoo;l unicorns have been spotted in every school all around the world tol 

england to africa to australia hundreds maybe thousand have been spotted in the east of europe. Once 

at night time they drink from the left over water bottles that have been left at school.



          If you are unlucky enough to find one they might call the other unicorns and gobble you up !



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