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The sea unicorn

The sea unicorn is a common, aggressive creature that can camouflage by acting to be a part of the 

tremendous, vast sea. Did you know that the sea unicorn breed has lived on for more than 1000 years?



If you had seen a sea unicorn would you have mistaken it for water? It is thought that sea unicorns aren’t 

Like the majority of unicorns. Typically, sea unicorns have pearly white sparkling marks on their 

transparent blue skin. Did you know that most sea unicorns have azure ombre mermaid-like tails. 

Interestingly, sea unicorns have gills like sharks.



Sea unicorns mostly live in the indigo ocean as they can’t breath properly on dry land because of their 

gills. Fun fact, sea unicorns can last 5 minutes in the whilst flying but that’s their maximum if there in the 

air longer than that their wings fade away and there plummeting down for a swift second! In addition, 

sea unicorns have started to occupy lakes near forests as more of them are getting hunted for their 

aggressiveness. In addition to this, sea unicorns have also been populating in pools these days.



The majority of sea unicorns have strict diets containing meat, carrots, lettuce and apples, this is so 

they can grow up to unreachable heights. Sea unicorns ideal food of choice would be seafood because it 

gives them more protein to feed on. Some sea unicorns feast on bread for carbohydrates whilst other 




The majority of sea unicorns like to swim so their fitness gets stronger. Sea unicorns like to eat mint 

choc chip ice cream whilst soaking their hooves into the sea. Most sea unicorns also like to do 

astonishing tricks in the water. A few sea unicorns have been found wrestling people as their passion. 


Beware of these creatures if you ever run into one be cautious there have been rumours of them 

drowning people with their abilities to create something with water killing them, if you ever try to hunt one 

down be careful!

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