Shadow Unicorn- Liberty and Aurelia

The Shadow Unicorn

The Shadow Unicorn, which is hard to find, lives in the Enchanted Forest and can only be found at 3:00am – 6:00am. One of the most ferocious unicorns of all time, the thing that it hates more than anything else is people: if one of these terrifying creatures ever stumbles upon one, it will stab them with their dagger-like horn in the heart.


Would you be able to recognise a Shadow Unicorn if you saw one? It is as black as midnight, which is helpful to camouflage as Shadow Unicorns are out at the dead of night. It has a glimmering mane that is so long, it reaches the ground. These fearsome beasts can run faster than the human eye can see, and when they do, their long, elegant mane flows behind them to help them slow down at the end of their run. If you look into those glowing balls of fire (their eyes), that will be the last thing you ever see. 


Living in the enchanted forest is not all good: there are secret men that hunt them down but only one Shadow Uniicorn has ever been killed. They have a special hiding spot that is impossible for humans to get into: they need to smash a hidden wall in the forest and blast it down with their unique hooves that are made of iron. 


These curious creatures generally feed on giant black beetles but occasionally, they devour other species of unicorn if there are no beetles left in the Enchanted Forest. If they eat too many of the beetles, they get very excitable and start climbing trees and doing backflips off the plough of a tree, but….. If they don’t eat enough, they get very hangry and start fighting, and trust me, you do NOT want to be near Shadow Unicorns when they are fighting.


One  of their hobbies is terrorising children at night or run through the Enchanted Forest, hammering their hooves on the forest floor. Many people believe that the Shadow Unicorns mostly aim to kill and eat the Devil Unicorns.


The Shadow Unicorn is a fierce creature, but inside, they would never hurt one another (even if they hated each other). They would only become aggressive if other species of unicorn, humans or any other animal comes wandering too close to their home, and, if they set eyes on the intruder, they go for the kill. This rare species of unicorn would sacrifice themselves to protect their family.


As we speak, a Shadow Unicorn would have killed a living soul that will never return!

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