Snow unicorn

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Blogging title:I want to paint

I want to paint the flowing water fall near the sunset. And swim in the river,with the birds beautifly tweeting in the

trees up high.


I want to paint the blisstering sun in the sahara Desert. With all the humped Backed camels.


I want to paint the hills near the sunset,where I can swim in the metallic river.

With daffodils,roses and other kind of flowers

and clime the steap hills.




I have never


I have never touched a lion cub,but I have seen one in the movie lion king.


I have never eaten a whole meal but have eaten a whole tub of ice cream.


I have never had COVID-19 but,i have stayed home on my birthday because i felt sick.


Date: Monday 17th May 2021






Introduce and looks: The snow unicorn loves anytink snowy and soft, the snow unicorn has wings as soft as pillows and the unicorns mane looks so soft and smooth like a feather.


Personality: The snow unicorn is very calm and gentle, it likes to play and sleep it is a very nice unicorn.


Abilities: The unicorn is able to,grant wishes and do magic with the horn.


Habitat: The snow unicorn lives all alone because it likes space,and because if anyone comes near the unicorn then she might get a little frustrated and can come charging at you.


Food: The unicorn eat’s snow, polar bears and drinks snow when it is melted or drinks the water from underground.

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