Snow Unicorn by Julia

The Snow Unicorn


Have you ever seen a snow unicorn?

Fascinatingly, whatever they touch turns into ice. If you want to find out more about this fascinating breed of unicorn please read on.


 Snow Unicorns appearance


Would you recognize a snow unicorn if you saw one? Interestingly their teeth are made of diamonds and wherever they walk  snowflakes sprinkle everywhere. Their horns stick out the middle of their head in a spiral shape. Surprisingly they have a moon shape on their right hind leg. Most snow unicorns have silver hooves, turquoise mane, a white body, gold eyes and a star tail. It is common for snow unicorns to have  different types of birthmarks but these days most snow unicorns have a moon shape on their leg.


Snow Unicorns habitat


Snow Unicorns love cold snowy places like Antarctica. Generally Snow unicorns live in Snow town in Antarctica. Some Snow Unicorns live in snowy forests based at the top of cold, snowy mountains. The governor of Snow Unicorns lives in Snow town, Ice Avenue door number seventeen. The reason that unicorns have governors for each breed is because the governors protect their habitat from their enemies.


Snow Unicorns diet


The majority of Snow Unicorns eat grass, carrots and icicles they also drink water from the river Neptunia which runs all  through the banks of snowtown. If you hide by a pool while the moon is full you might see a Snow Unicorn but make sure to bring snow cakes as that is one of their favourite kinds of food. Some Snow Unicorns search the woods for nuts, apples and all sorts of fruit. There is one type of rare Snow Unicorn that lives in the north of Japan and feeds on cherry blossom petals and sunflower seeds.


What is Sow Unicorns behavior like?


The majority of Snow Unicorns hate werewolves. Some snow unicorns have been hypnotized by werewolves to think that the only reason they are alive is to serve those evil creatures who attack innocent people. Many baby snow unicorns play with moon spirits during the night.

Did you know that snow unicorns favourite book is frozen.


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