The Autumn Unicorn

Unicorns are fascinating creatures, especially the Autumn unicorn. This unicorn has many names, such as; The Tree Killer, The Autumn Beast , The leaf muncher and, of course, The Autumn unicorn.

This unicorn is a very powerful creature, it makes all the leaves fall off the trees in Autumn and makes all the conkers grow. Interestingly, The Autumn and The Spring unicorn are big enemies. People often catch them fighting. It is the same with The Summer and winter unicorns.

The Autumn unicorn, which is very pretty, is also very colourful as well. This unicorn doesn’t like people, so it is rarely spotted but there have been a few sightings of it. It has orange and yellow hair and blood red silky hair. Additionally, it’s eyes are a bright colour of amber and it’s horn is a dark, murky brown.

The unicorn, which is extremely powerful, lives near trees and forests, away from people. It sleeps under piles of leaves and some even in holes in trees or in ditches underground.

What do Autumn unicorns eat?

They are herbivores, so they eat everything nature. It can vary from fresh grass to leaves to twigs to even whole trees! Sometimes, as a treat, it will eat berries from bushes and juicy, red apples from small trees. It drinks water out of ponds or lakes nearby.

These unicorns usually only come out at night. This is lucky, as they are very dangerous creatures. Amazingly, it’s eyes are so bright that it lights up all the space around it. The Autumn unicorn can be very angry.The creature is so strong that it can take down whole brick walls and even buildings! If someone or something has annoyed it, the unicorn will get revenge. With it’s horn, it is one of the most powerful unicorns in the world!

If you see one, don’t make eye contact or any sudden movements. Just walk back slowly and don’t tell anyone about it. 

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