The blood Pegasus

The blood Pegasus which is a rare Pegasus is found near playgrounds every weekend unicornologists gather near playgrounds to try and find this demonic beauty. During resent lockdown periods they have made in nests places near playgrounds. To many citizens delight the blood Pegasus nests are easy to spot. However, do not let children near this beast for it will consume them.

Would you know a blood Pegasus if you saw one. Unlike most Pegasus they can speak, are extremely dangerous to children and can not swim. The mane fetchers of this demonic beauty are its Rudy red eyes,  blood as a body and bone horn. They have gigantic wings for escaping catcher. It also has bone hoofs and surprisingly they are the perfect wait. Up close you can see thar quills ,which can be throw from the tip fo the tail, they resemble dragon teeth but more streamlined. Generally they are made of blood but a rare minority have scales.

The blood Pegasus can shape-shift into to mimic the child’s parents. Horrifyingly the blood Pegasus eat children. It’s mouth has iron ,which it extracts from the blood, jaws so it can split enamel from the bones to repair the horn and hoofs. It has quills for tranquillising pray. It also eats ascitic frogs to digest food. It can not touch water for it will disintegrate.

In conclusion the blood Pegasus is unstoppable. If there is one in your local playground call o876-8764-7654 they  will secure contain protect you .

Phone number Bose not exist body not call.

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  1. I like how you explained the pegsus it makes it very interesting.

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