The Book-a-corn! By Issey C

Did you know there was such thing called a Book-a-corn? I’ll bet all my birthday money you haven’t been taught about them at school. In this text, I am going to tell you all about this irreglar horned horse and guide you through the magical mess people have made up. So buckle up! We have a lot of work to do!


The Book-a-corn is a magical beast with inky skin engraved with quotes, titles and words from her favarite books. This is why its always changing. Her mane is long an dark blue with bright star-like dots in it, which glow in the dark, and her hooves are deep red that make no sound what so ever. Her horn is also red and can make different books appear out of mid air. It also plays pop music.


The book-a-corn lives in librarys, hiding in the walls and amongst the shelves, hidden by books and displays. She has been spotted around quiet places like woods and alley ways but that is probaly when she is visiting her close friends. Because of her ability to transform in to any book she sees, more on that later, she is often mistaken for a book and is know to give people quite a fright.

What is she famous for?

The book-a-corn is famous for many things but most of all, the bite of 87. This happend when the CVP library opened up in 1356 and disturbed a book-a-corn named Posie who over all, bit 87 bottoms. Ouch!


The book-a-corn doesn’t actually eat anything so she practally starves.


The book a corn has many talents but only one power. To turn into any book she knows. Any! Even the ones I make up!


Finally the end! I have told you all about the Book-a-corn and lead you through all the mess. Go share this info with another and remember.

Don’t disturb one if you see it or you will have a bitten bum!

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