The Camel Unicorn

The Camel Unicorn


Unicorns are very interesting creatures but one of the most fascinating is the Camel Unicorn

Because they can survive weeks without eating or drinking for their humps can hold food and water.




The Camel Unicorn needs to live in the desert because they need to blend in. Surprisingly the Camel Unicorn lives in the vast plains of the sahara desert.Camel Unicorns live in small caves formed by rock crevices. On this day  they have been spotted roaming around small villages.




To blend in the Camel unicorn needs to be the same color as the sand. The Camel unicorn is a camo beige with navy blue eyes and a magma colored tail as rough as a broom. Unusually, the Camel unicorn used to be a grey black color but they have changed into their known color beige.




The Camel unicorn needs to live in this type of habitat because it will get used to hunting the animals there. The Camel unicorn eats cactuses, snakes and most things that move. Weirdly this typeof unicorn needs to eat 7 times a day!




Why does this type of unicorn act this way? Well weirdly when they are sad their brain basically shuts down but when they are happy they go on a big hunt and the day after they have a big feast. 

Similarly when they feel normal they have a small meal.




If you ever bump into this creature I suggest you run. If you ever see a Camel unicorn dont go up close or you’ll be its next MEAL and if you ever see one best keep it a secret if you make it ALIVE so they don’t get hunted.


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