The Cloud Pegasus

The cloud Pegasus, who is a rare type of bird and horse, has glimmering scales that shine in the moonlight. His wings are formed by shocks of lightning that sprawls out shocks approximately every 6 seconds.  His eyes glow a glistening white, grey and blue. Generally, most cloud unicorns have a mane that is formed in a lightning bolt but some have tiny clouds. Today we will be exploring this unusual yet rare type of bird.


The cloud unicorn is located on the top of the Karun Kah, here he is invisible to citizens walking past. His unique hobbies are making snow house. If you have a telescope and you have 0.00000000001 chance to sight this magnificent building. Furthermore, cloud unicorns have a special trait when they can walk on clouds; they use this to travel far and wide without wasting energy. They are rarely seen by humans generally the circumstance of this is because the cloud Pegasus is one of the shy species but is brother (the ground unicorn) is loud and you can hear him at night howling.


This shy but rare species is at risk of extinction; if you wish to save this majestic animal you can donate to # ulm (unicorns lives matter) you can call 56891750 to give 1 pound. 1 pound = a new habitat for one cloud unicorn.

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